Did You Notice This Tiny Detail About Arya In The New Stark Photos?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Ah, and you thought that we were done finding clues from those Entertainment Weekly Game Of Thrones covers. Think again.
Thanks to some really GOT-obsessed people at Buzzfeed and on Twitter, it appears that there is a very big clue in plain sight on not-so-little Arya Stark.
The site writes that in addition to Arya looking totally badass in her fur cloak and leather look, she is also in possession on a dagger. At first, it looks to just be an upgraded version of her little toothpick sword. But this dagger is one that we have seen before. It was first used in the assassination attempt against poor Bran way back in season 1 before it ended up in the hands of Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, when he held it to Ned Stark's neck. Wow. Based on that, it seems that Arya checked at least one name of that list of hers and it rhymes with Shmittleshinger. This is a big revelation.
Beyond that news, the trailer and covers gave us a few more ideas of what to expect for season 7. We know that the absence of white walkers is sus. We know that Jon Snow may have his own intense run-in with Littlefinger. We know that Cersei has a huge map to conquer. But most of all, we're just so excited to see the Starks reunited again. Seeing all the Stark kids on the same cover gives us hope by at least by (the short and final) season 8, we'll see this powerful fam back together at last.
Commence the countdown to July 16.
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