Game Of Thrones Fans Storm Twitter: Give Us Our White Walkers

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
On Wednesday, the first full-length trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 dropped. We all went wild, because that's the appropriate response when HBO bestows such gifts upon us. But after the initial shock and excitement wore off, it became clear to mostly everyone that something was missing. Something... cold and evil.
White Walkers were conspicuously missing from the trailer, and Twitter would like to know where the hell they are. (For the record, they're up in arms about the lack of Bran, too.) Fans are confused because the first teaser for season 7, released back in March, featured the Night King's icy blue eye, and the poster released on Tuesday was of a White Walker. Yes, we saw dragons, Daenerys hitting dry land, Cersei gearing up to kick some ass, and Jon Snow being Jon Snow. But we all know that the infighting in the seven kingdoms is small potatoes compared to the wrath that the White Walkers can bring on them all.
People are calling the odd omission out, with tons of tweets like these flooding the platform: "There’s a distinct lack of White Walkers in the new GoT trailer"; "The dragons are back but not a silngle sign of white walkers?"; "Looks epic, but no glimpse of the white walkers?"; "Weird how there's no white walkers in the trailer despite being the poster of the season"; and "Sooo where are the white walkers...maybe y'all forgot about that bit."
Something tells us HBO didn't forget. In fact, they've probably got us right where they want us: drooling for more Game of Thrones leading up to the July 16 premiere.

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