Twitter Can't Stop Wondering Where Bran Is In The New Game Of Thrones Trailer

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO.
There are a lot of clues in the new Game Of Thrones season 7 trailer, but there's one thing that really caught people's attention and it has to do with someone who is not featured in the trailer. Twitter really wants to know: Where is Bran?
We can't help but agree that it's a bit strange that the young Stark, who is now the Three-eyed Raven, is nowhere to be found. Especially, since when we last left Bran in the season 6 finale he had just made the major discovery. After catching a glimpse of the Night King and unknowingly causing the death of his best friend Hodor (R.I.P.), Bran figured out that Jon Snow was not his brother, but most likely his cousin. Even more shocking, Bran figured out what we all long suspected: Jon Snow is really a Targaryen.
It's basically confirmation of something every Game Of Thrones fan thought they knew, but didn't have the proof. It's hard to believe this won't be a major factor in season 7, but yet, the whereabouts of Bran are still unknown. Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran, told Entertainment Weekly that his character starts season 7 where we last left him. "He’s only with Meera now," Wright said, "and he’s out in the middle of nowhere, so it's not looking great."
Knowing that, we understand why fans are so angry."Sansa got 0.5 second of screen time, Arya a solid 10 seconds," one person on Twitter wrote, "but we had to sit through 5 scenes of the ugly dragons flying? Where is Bran?" Someone else agreed, "The trailer did Bran so dirty honestly tho." But one other fan wondered, "WHERE IS BRAN, DID HE CROSS THE WALL??"
It's safe to guess he didn't just yet and if he did, HBO isn't going to tease that just yet. Wright told The Hollywood Reporter last year that he thinks "Bran will head south to Winterfell" in season 7 and hopefully meet up with Sansa and Jon. It's why one fan of the show tweeted that we shouldn't be focused on Bran's disappearance in this trailer, but the whereabouts of Arya Stark, which could be a clue to what Bran will be up to.
"I think #Arya is heading up north either to #Winterfell or around The Wall," they tweeted, "where #Bran is. Stark re-union is happening."
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