The Cruelly Hilarious Way Game Of Thrones Fans Are Honoring Hodor

Game of Thrones fans everywhere are reacting to Sunday night's shocker with a little light-hearted creativity. Following Hodor's bizarre and heartbreaking death on episode 5, there was an avalanche of grief on social media. In a tragic series of time-traveling events, we found out that "Hodor" actually means "Hold the door." Now, like-minded viewers are commemorating the gentle giant IRL in a funny, albeit fucked-up, way.
Fans have been pasting Hodor's name and photo on the "Hold the door" button in elevators. Cruel? Yes. Clever? Indeed. It looks like many people had the same idea, as mini Hodor tributes are popping up in office buildings everywhere. Another idea: Maybe we can all start yelling "Hodor!" instead of "Hold the door!" as we run to catch the elevator. Check out some of the tributes, below.

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