Here Are All The Clues About The New Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer We Learned From Reddit

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO.
We may have just a little more than two months to go before season 7 of Game Of Thrones returns, but HBO certainly isn't making the wait easy. That's because they keep dropping clues to what the penultimate season, which only includes seven episodes and will apparently feel faster than ever, may hold when it finally premieres on Sunday, July 16.
First, they teased new photos, then it was a teaser trailer that ended with the Night King's very scary eye, and yesterday they dropped a season 7 poster with the Night King front and center. Clearly, that guy's going to have an eventful season. But that was all just an appetizer before the main course. HBO has finally given us the first trailer for GOT season 7, which means it's time to start hypothesizing about what Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Arya Stark are up to. You know, besides getting ready for the great war, which Jon Snow lets us know is definitely here.
Now, if you're a fan of the show who watched this clip and immediately felt more confused than ever –seriously, what the heck is going on with Littlefinger lurking in the shadows? — don't worry, the internet's got you. Diehard fans of Game Of Thrones have already taken to Reddit to posit some theories about what exactly all this means. Come on, you know it's full of clues that shouldn't go ignored.
So. check out all the theories we've rounded up, and all the questions we still need answered.

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