Exactly How Kylie Jenner Gets Those Perfect Lip Kit Swatches

Kylie Jenner may be a household name, but the beauty set will always know her best for two things: her Lip Kits and the swatches she creates with them. Say what you will about the 19-year-old, there's no denying that she has product sampling down to a science.
Swatching beauty products is its own form of art — and an Instagram and Snapchat staple. Scroll through an beauty lover's feed and you'll quickly find yourself immersed in a sea of arms — forearms to be exact — of swatches. And every single time Jenner is about to drop a new product from her cosmetics line, you can bet there will be an entire Snapchat story of product sampling to intro the new hues.

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So how does she do it? We always assumed Kylie was using her own arm for these exact brush strokes — or at the very least, Jordyn Woods' arm — but not even close. According to Jenner, the arm swatch model is none other than someone on her staff.
When Fast Company asked Jenner about everything that goes into product production and customer teasers, the beauty mogul opened up about those famous swatch videos and fans can't help but re-read one particular part:
"Everyone knows when I’m releasing a product on Snapchat that I will be MIA for the next hour and a half. I’m running around my house, finding the perfect lighting, the perfect swatches. My housekeeper, I use her arm for my Snapchats. She has the best arm for swatches. She’s so nice and just sits there and has her arm ready and lets me do my thing. I care a lot about what my products look like when people first see them.”
Could this mean the new Life of Kylie will feature this mysterious housekeeper/swatch queen? Here's to hoping...
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