Here’s How Fall’s Coolest Makeup Looks IRL

If you've ever googled a new lipstick or eyeshadow shade, chances are you are familiar with the online sensation that is swatching. This visual practice involves taking a collection of makeup products — usually multiple shades from one line — and drawing them across the inner arm to demonstrate the finish and how each color looks on different skin tones. There are also those who show off the latest and greatest makeup by precision-painting their lips, nails, or eyes to showcase them in more situational terms.
And while it's helpful, it's not necessarily the prettiest of practices. I can't tell you how many times I've image-searched for a specific lipstick shade and got an extreme close-up of someone's lips. If I can check your nose for boogers, you probably need to take a few steps back with that camera. Just sayin'.
So in an effort to elevate swatching to a fine art — knowing that everyone loves to see how products look outside of the tube, bottle, or palette — we worked with our hyper-talented art team and a crew of creative women to give swatching an R29 makeover.
Not to brag, but these artsy shots are some of the prettiest show-and-tell pics we've ever done. But we know that while you came for the imagery, you're staying for the products.
From the two biggest color trends of the season (these aren't your usual reds and nudes, my friends), to the foundations that will revolutionize how you see your skin, these cosmetics are just a sampling of the innovation and creativity surging through the industry right now.
Warning: The last slide is a little NSFW — let's just say it's the cheekiest of the bunch.
You've never seen beauty quite like this before. Check out our Beauty Innovator Awards for the smartest, funkiest, most fresh-to-death products of the year.

Photographed by Stephanie Gonot; makeup by Lindsey Williams at Kate Ryan; prop styling by Marie-Yan Morvan; styled by Jenny Hartman; modeled by Eloisa Santos at No Agency; modeled by Brittany Levers.

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