Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 8 Recap: "Guilt Trip"

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The erstwhile romance between Scott and Kourtney is front and center on this week's Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
Scott and Kourtney took a family vacation to Aspen with the kids, and Kim and Khloé want details because the pictures on social media made the trip look like a big step in their on again, off again saga. Scott says that Kourtney typically doesn't want to go out to dinner without the kids, but they did on this trip. That was a big thing for him.
Scott says the trip felt like old times. He's come to the realization that what Kourtney has always wanted from him was for him to be sober, healthy, and present. He's working hard on that. "Everything is going in the right direction," he says to Kim and Khloé.
While Scott's working on his relationship with Kourtney, Kendall is spending some time horsing around with her father. Literally. Caitlyn built a barn on her land in Malibu for Kendall and Kylie to keep horses. Kendall has a horse of her own, but she doesn't want it to be alone in Malibu, so the Jenners are in the market for a couple of horses. Kendall hopes this means that she and Kylie and Caitlyn will hang out more.
This episode also documents Kim's foray back into the whirlwind of her old life. She sends out her first tweet in months, a Kardashian-West family photo. "I've slowly started to get back to my normal life," she tells her sisters. Kim canceled all of her events after Paris, but the rescheduled events are coming up. First up, is the makeup masterclass with Mario in Dubai. Kim is understandably anxious about the trip. "The last I went to Dubai it was basically pandemonium," she says. She's not taking baby steps. It's a big international trip, and she's excited but nervous.
Kim doesn't travel to Dubai alone. She's got her assistant Stephanie, several of her friends, and Scott along for the ride. They check into the ultra-posh Atlantis, The Palm hotel. Kim's suite is enormous. Scott's has a window into the hotel's million-gallon aquarium. "This isn't over the top at all," Scott jokes, even before the diver with the sign that says "Welcome Scott" floats into view.
Kendall and Caitlyn take a trip out of the city to look at a couple of horses that are for sale. "I'm excited that the ball is rolling and that we can spend more time together and go riding," Kendall says. She is enjoying herself, but Caitlyn is obsessing about the fact that Kylie has blown them off. In Kendall's opinion, Caitlyn is ruining the time they are spending together.
Dubai is going well for Kim, even if she is anxious everywhere she goes. They go to Nobu for dinner, which is exactly where they go when they are in New York or Malibu. Crispy rice all over the globe for this crew. The other diners get busy taking pictures and video of Kim. "Literally, everywhere I look everyone is video taping everything," Kim says, not even including the show's crew in her calculations. "My sense of what's going on around me is 100 times what it used to be," she says. At Nobu, her Spidey senses are tingling.
Kim's not the only one on shaky ground in the desert. Scott hears from a friend back home that Kourtney is hooking up with someone. Kim feels bad for her default brother-in-law. "The thing is, he's trying to win her back," Kim explains. Aspen, as he said, was big for him. After that, Kim thought they were back to together. Scott, despite his inner turmoil, shows up for an appearance at the giant mall in Dubai. He's not at his best and it shows. He says that the news about Kourtney is the worst he could hear. He called her to ask her about it and she denied it. For Scott, it's heartbreaking.
The mall's the place to be, apparently, so Kim decides to do a little shopping. She says she hasn't been shopping in months and she is excited to see what's in the stores. She finds a set of Kim and North-sized matching bags. Meanwhile, a crowd is forming outside the shop windows. People are snapping photos. Paparazzi have shown up. Kim gets nervous. "This is what I was afraid of. It's this feeling of panic," she says. The crowd is growing since everyone is sharing it on social media. Kim asks to leave by the back door.
Back in California, Caitlyn stops by Kendall's house. As before, Caitlyn has a million questions about Kylie. "Have you heard from Kylie, because she's driving me kind of crazy," Caitlyn asks Kendall. Kendall is annoyed and makes no effort to hide it. "You talk about her a lot, don't you? I'm here. Am I not good enough?" she says to her father. It is starting to hurt her feelings. Caitlyn apologizes for putting Kendall in the middle of her relationship with Kylie. Caitlyn explains that she is insecure when it comes to the kids, but admits that Kendall has always been there. Kendall appreciates the acknowledgment of her feelings.
The makeup masterclass is about to go off and Kim gets a text from the security team that Scott is drunk at the hotel. "Why would he do that?" she says. She says she needs to text Kourtney even though Kim knows that Kourtney is going to be sad. Kourtney calls and tells Kim that Scott isn't her problem anymore. She knows that he thinks he's trying to woo her back, but that just isn't happening right now. "I'm not his sober police anymore," Kourtney says. Kim thinks Kourtney is giving Scott mixed messages and Kim again says she feels bad for him.
The Scott drama has to wait for now, because the time has come for Kim to take the stage. She's got chills, but she is a pro. "Reality check, I have to get to work," she says. In the wings, she gives herself some tongue-in-cheek self-talk peppered with gallows humor. "If I don't make it back alive, tell my husband and my kids that I love them. I'm never doing appearances again," she says to herself. No worries, though, the makeup tutorial goes off without a hitch. The questions are all makeup related and Kim starts to feel comfortable and more like her old self. She feels comfortable. Not safe, she clarifies, but comfortable.
Kourtney tells Khloé that Scott has relapsed. Khloé is pissed and disappointed. Kourtney called him and he was still drunk, but tried to deflect. Kourtney says he kept bring up her "new way of life." She tells Khloé that she's tried to be supportive for ten years, but she has to live her own life and make herself happy.
The Dubai contingent is headed out for a desert adventure that Kim has booked for them, but Scott is lagging behind. When they get to his suite, Stephanie notices a random purse on the table. She clues Kim in to the fact that there is probably a girl hiding somewhere in the suite. Kim and her friends stomp around the suite looking for evidence and rattling locked doors while Scott paces and smokes. Scott whispers to one of the producers that there is a girl in the bathroom downstairs. Kim tries to smoke her out by suggesting loudly to her friends that they should all go bang down the bathroom door. "Should we go in and scare the fuck out of her?" Kim says, just before forcing the door open and doing just that. "Get your shit and security will escort you the fuck out of here," Kim tells the mystery lady in the steamy bathroom.
The episode ends, strangely, with "To Be Continued." Does that mean we will return to the posh bathroom in Scott's luxe suite? Or is it just another interruption in the long, strange trip that is Scott and Kourtney's relationship? Viewers will have to wait until next week (or scroll back through everyone's social feeds on the show) to find out.

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