So, Why Isn't Lady Gaga Co-Chairing This Year's Met Gala?

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Six-time Grammy award winning recording artist and Golden Globe owner Lady Gaga is perpetually a hot topic, as is her ever-evolving sense of style (as you're probably well aware). As the naysayers shake their heads, the Little Monsters blissfully look the other way. Such behavior and strong opinions have divided pop stars' fan bases for years, of course, but when it comes to Lady Gaga, things tend to get really heated, really fast. But why? The unsolvable puzzle leads us to the latest bout of unethical treatment of Mother Monster: being overlooked by the Met Gala. Let's break it down.
The Met Gala, also known as fashion's biggest night of the year, is approaching fast. It's on Monday, in fact, which means that Lady Gaga's rightful invitation to co-chair the event is very late. This year's spectacle honors Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo and her work for Comme des Garçons in an exhibition called "Art of the In-Between". In addition to Katy Perry and Pharrell — who sort of get passes on this one — it's co-chaired by Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, a supermodel and a football player.
Now, don't get me wrong, j'adore that couple (as does Vogue), but name the last time you saw either of Bündchen or Brady on the street in a Kawakubo design? I'll wait — and editorials don't count, so don't even think about it. By contrast, you might spot Lady Gaga donning one of the elusive designer's creations on any given day, be it on the streets of New York, Paris, or London. Lady Gaga and fashion — especially high-end couture designs — are synonymous with each other. Hell, call her Reidy Gagakubo — the gal knows her stuff. And we've got plenty of proof for you, ahead.
Since the very start of her career, Gaga's fashion accolades have been nothing short of epic; take, for example, that time she was awarded the CFDA's coveted Fashion Icon award in 2011. "All of you made me feel like a star before I was," she told the audience of designers, editors, photographers, and stylists who'd come to celebrate each other, and her. Gaga's talents on the stage have led her to the runway, too: in 2016, she walked the Marc Jacobs catwalk at New York's gargantuan Park Avenue Armory. And with a line of covetable, high-fashion merch, the list continues to grow.
So, where is her Met Gala co-chair title, then? Where is this magical, rhinestoned chair that, by virtue of supporting Kawakubo for years, Lady Gaga has rightfully earned? Since it won't be a title she nabs for this exhibition (nor did she get to do the honors at the retrospective on the late Alexander McQueen) then when will it be? And for which designer — living or dead? Of course, we're delighted to see what looks this year's hosts have in store for Monday's red carpet bonanza, but something about the whole thing just doesn't feel...complete without her at the helm.
Gaga's lack of a proper title at this year's event better be due to scheduling conflicts or something. Otherwise, someone by the name of Anna Wintour is about to get a handwritten letter from yours truly (just kidding). But hey, at least we know that Mother Monster's turn on the red carpet will be really, really good. Could we expect anything less? It's Lady Gaga, after all.

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