Yes, People Are Bedazzling Their Boobs (NSFW)

ICYMI, "glitter boobs" are actually a thing, Allure reports. And if we had to envision how in the hell this trend came about, we imagine it looked a little something like this: It was the Thursday before Coachella, and Sarah was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram for outfit inspiration. Her suitcase was empty — not one #OOTD in sight. "It's too much," she whined to her roommate, Becky. "I don't have anything to wear." The two remain silent for a moment, before Becky excitedly proclaims, "I have an idea!"
She quickly ran to grab her iPad, signed in to her Amazon account, and express ordered $200-worth of glitter, glue, and faux gemstones. "Hashtag disco tits," she proudly declared.
That's right, to make boobs sparkle. If you thought butt glitter was weird, you can call this trend it's flashy older sister. And if our Instagram feeds are any indication, we'd be willing to bet that plenty of Coachella attendees will be embracing the latest shimmer fad the moment they land in California.
The good news here is that, should you be ever feel conflicted on what to wear to a rave, bedazzling the area below your neck eliminates that worry completely. Who needs a shirt when you have glitter, right? And since music festivals are devoid of most societal norms, plenty of outlandish trends can have their 15 minutes of fame. But, we still have so many questions. For starters:
Are you using skin-safe glue?

✨✨Glitteringgg up @leearnar using our new DARK UNICORN and DARK MERMAID GLITTERS!!!!!✨✨ Launching sooooon ????

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How are you removing this stuff?
Does it feel heavy? Itchy? Uncomfortable?
What's your design inspiration?
What's it feel like to hug someone?

FROSTBITE FOR 1 ❄️?? #loveyourglitteredbody #imagineifiwasaconsultant

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Did Vanessa Hudgens compliment you?
And lastly: What's next? We can only hope that this is the peak of sparkle trends everywhere, because one can only take so many glitter undercuts, glitter roots, glitter butts, glittery armpits, lips, and cheeks. But if you hate bras or are sick of crops tops, by all means — grab some glitter and decorate your areolas like it's Mardi Gras.
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