Glitter Pits Are Here Just In Time For The Holidays

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Pack it up, glitter beards (and glitter lips and glitter hair) — the latest sparkly trend is moving a little further south.

Pastel armpits were a huge deal this time last year, starting a movement that allowed women to flout cultural body-hair norms. Today, it looks like there's a new underarm-equality mission underway, and it comes in the form of glittered pits. That's right: Women across social media are adding sparkle to their armpit hair during a time when all things shiny start appearing — the holidays.

This "trend" seems to have been around for some time now, as the dates of most of the Instagram posts we've come across show. But it's gaining ground these days for good reason: to once again draw attention to the fact that your naturally hairy pits are, indeed, beautiful — be they glittered or not.

Ahead, we rounded up the best pits we've come across. And an important note about this, and any other beauty moment/movement: If you don't like it, don't try it. Who are we to judge and/or bash what other women choose to do with their bodies?
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Glitter lips? Check. Glitter eyes? Check. Glitter pits? Check, check, and check.
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Photo: Via @matthew_burditt.
Golden armpits will glam up any regular ol' workout.
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Photo: Via @slutty.feminista.
A bejeweled side-boob leads us to a gift of glistening pink pits.
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Photo: Via @chrissiehall.
Glitter in star form is just what we all need.
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Photo: Via @niceleghair.
The friends that glitter together stay together.
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