Paris Jackson Got A New Tattoo For The Sweetest Reason

Throughout modern history, teens have been known to wait anxiously for their 18th birthdays, otherwise known as the day they can finally get an ill-advised Chinese character tattooed on their upper arm, or a butterfly on their lower back, without written — or at least carefully forged — parental consent. (It’s also the day you can legally become an organ donor and make decisions for your own end-of-life care, but for some reason, most adolescents don’t seem as excited about those things.)
Getting your first tattoo when you turn 18? Totally normal. Having 50 tattoos before your first legal year is over? Well, that’s a little different. Unless, of course, you’re Paris Jackson — in which case, 50 is actually a lowball estimate. The newly minted model has tributes to everything from Star Wars to Standing Rock inked on her body, not to mention the ones she’s dedicated to her grandma and her late father, Michael.
Jackson has mentioned in the past that many of her tattoos have special meaning for her, and family is clearly very important to the up-and-coming star. And her latest design, which she unveiled on Instagram yesterday, fits right in with that trend. That partially shaved leg you see on the right belongs to Jackson’s older brother, Prince — and the art indicates that he’s the yang to her yin.
“/yin/ [in Chinese philosophy] the passive female principle of the universe, characterized as female and sustaining and associated with structure, night, the moon, fluidity, calmness, the earth, darkness, cold, death, and ascends energy. /yang/ the active male principle of the universe, characterized as male and creative and associated with function, the sky and sun, speed, expression, heaven, heat, light, birth, and descends energy,” Paris helpfully explained in the photo’s caption. Prince’s description of the corresponding tattoos, while a little less informative, is even more sentimental: “You are with me and I am with you ❤,” he wrote on his own Instagram.
As for us, we'll be here calling our own brothers and sisters and apologize for every way we’ve wronged them over the years. Better late than never, right?

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