Paris Jackson Reveals The Powerful Meaning Behind Her Tattoos

As previously noted, Paris Jackson has more tattoos than the number of years she's been alive. Each has a clear significance behind it — particularly the two memorial pieces for her late father, Michael Jackson. Paris recently took to Instagram to explain the even deeper personal meaning of her ink. "Today I can look at my inner forearms and see art that has meaning for me," the 18-year-old wrote. She then alluded to her history of mental health struggles and self-harm, which included a suicide attempt in 2013: "I don't see a dark past anymore. My scars and past of self-hatred have been covered by loving marks, creativity, ingenuity...and depth." Jackson posted her heartfelt explanation alongside a photo of her gazing steadily into the camera. People who have struggled with self-harm may choose to tattoo over their scars in order to avoid the stigma attached to them and, more importantly, to demonstrate their progress toward recovery. A 2015 study even found that women with more tattoos were more likely to have attempted suicide. The researchers suggested that acquiring multiple tattoos may be how some women "restore emotional losses." Jackson ended her post with a message of strength and support for her peers: "I'll always keep fighting, and encouraging others to stay strong... So to anyone struggling, it gets better. You're not alone." Read Jackson's post in full below.
If you or someone you know is considering self-harm, please get help. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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