Seriously, Why Are People Giving Paris Jackson Attitude About Having Armpit Hair?

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
Guys. For real. Do we have to say it again? Body hair is beautiful, normal, and most importantly: Other people's body hair is just none of your goddamn business. Okay?
We know, we sound like a broken record at this point, but seriously: Why are people still giving Paris Jackson — or any celebrity, or any person, for that matter — crap about what her armpits looks like? Do people have nothing better to do? Is there nothing more serious going on in the world to which they can dedicate their time and energy? At least Jackson is not letting the haters get her down. She took to her Instagram Story to explain that a surprising amount of people have been getting angry (??) about her smidgen of visible armpit hair — and to share a pretty great rant about why this is absurd and needs to stop.
"I didn’t realize that people were going to get so upset over my armpit hair," she said, laughing. "I didn’t realize that was such an issue. It is so funny."
"People are really mad," she explained. "I wish I could post some of these responses. You can just tell how angry and infuriated these people are... I love hair, and sweat, and BO. I fucking love it, I think it’s great. Some people think that it’s like super disgusting, especially on girls, but every human body does it. It’s natural. Get over it."
Photo: Via @ParisJackson.
"Two months," she said, showing off her barely noticeable amount of armpit hair. "It took me two months to grow that shit. It’s not a lot, it’s really not, but I’m fucking proud of it. Really proud. And so many people are so mad."
Can we all just leave Jackson — and each other — alone when it comes to something as personal and unobtrusive as the status of the hair on our bodies?
Of course, Jackson has been famous (and therefore the brunt of plenty of criticism) since birth. But, as she explained in a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, she's determined to use her public position for good:
"Plenty of times I've thought of not doing anything in the public eye and having my own private life," she told the publication. "Then I started seeing how everything in the world is going. And I feel like each year it's getting worse. I know there are a lot of people who would feel feel very blessed to be in my position, so I want to use it for important things."
"You just can’t care," she added. "Not everybody is going to be happy with what you do. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, that’s a problem. If you’re happy, who gives a fuck?”
Words to live by. And it's clear Jackson isn't letting the rando armpit-haters damage her happiness.

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