Spotted: Bachelor Cliques Out In The Wild

For seven weeks, the contestants of The Bachelor live in a reality that’s a cross between Survivor, The Real World, and a fish bowl. Without phones, the internet, or entertainment, the contestants only have two directions to look for diversion: the Bachelor, and each other.
In fact, sometimes it seems that the real miracle The Bachelor are the genuine friendships that blossom, despite each woman competing for the same dude. These Bachelor cliques are formed from the same miracle glue that bonded Catniss to Roo in The Hunger Games: friendship despite survival of the fittest.
We’re donning our internet sleuth monocle to figure out who’s still friends with whom. And, of course, which friend group we’d like to be a part of. Here’s proof of the enduring bonds forged in the Bachelor mansion. We bet many of these friendships will last longer, even, than the couples themselves.

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