Where Are Your Favorite Stars From The Bachelorette Now?

Photo: Courtest of ABC.
Admit it: You're obsessed with The Bachelorette.

What once started as a simple glance in the direction of the TV when your roommate was watching the show has evolved into something more. No, it's no longer a guilty pleasure. That would imply feeling guilty, and you don't ever feel guilty about watching The Bachelorette, do you? (No, that would be silly.)

You live for the hometown dates episode. Life wouldn't be complete if you missed any reveal about a Bachelorette's time in the Fantasy Suite. But do you remember everything? Do you know what happened to every Bachelorette? Hint: Some of them are still happily with their beau from the show.

Ahead, we've rounded up every Bachelorette — from season 1 until now. Look back at all the years of dates, hookups, romance, and roses.

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