Is Lindsay Lohan Launching A Modest Fashion Line?

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It's not unusual for a celebrity to launch a fashion line but the one Lindsay Lohan is reportedly working on is definitely a bit different. Not to mention, potentially religious.
Lohan posted a photo of herself on Twitter and Instagram yesterday wearing a headscarf with the caption, “New fashion line coming soon,” and so far, her fans seem quite pleased with the idea.
"No words but beautiful," wrote one person on Instagram. "This is a tremendous effort, keep the good work, make the fashion world a good place to stay," posted another, while still more filled the comments with proudly religious responses like “masha allah,” an Arabic phrase which translates to “God has willed," “alhamdulillah” meaning "praise", and “Subhan allah” or "glory be to God."
Surprised by the concept of a potentially modest fashion line from Lohan? You shouldn't be. Fans of the actress began speculating that she was converting to Islam in January, after she wiped all photos from her Instagram account and updated her bio to include a translation of the Arabic phrase "Alaikum salam," meaning "Peace be unto you."
A representative for the actress, as well as her mother, quickly chimed in to put the rumors to rest, confirming via statement that Lohan had not, in fact, converted.

New Fashion Line coming soon .... ? #fashion

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Lohan does remain publicly interested in the religion, however. During an appearance on Good Morning Britain this February, she told show hosts "it's a consideration I have," and detailed an unfortunate experience she'd had being "racially profiled" while wearing a headscarf at a London airport. Yes, we're pretty sure she meant to say "religiously profiled," too.
Along with her interest in religion, the uniquely accented actress has also been busy upping her humanitarian game by meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his wife last month to discuss the plight of Syrian refugees, a cause she says will be her focus for 2017. She requested a similar meeting with President Trump, and paired inspirational Mother Theresa quotes with sexy lingerie selfies.
In between her political projects, she's also found time to petition for a Mean Girls sequel — because if Juicy velour tracksuits can come back, why can't Cady Heron and Regina George?
Whatever fashion endeavor the actress has in the works, it won't be her first attempt at infiltrating the industry. Lohan infamously launched her short-lived 6126 leggings collection back in 2008, and a year later, she collaborated on a universally panned collection for Ungaro.
Better luck this time, LiLo!

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