We Tried Out Madewell’s New “Magic Pockets” Jeans

Madewell sure has been hard at work lately. In addition to its strong new Spring collection and the introduction of its first-ever intimates collection, the brand has also revolutionized some of its denim with a new feature called "Magic Pockets."
No, unfortunately these pockets don't magically fill with cash when you need it, or spit out a hair tie whenever you forget one (yes, these are the fantasies we had when we heard the term). But, Madewell has invented reinforced front-pocket technology that offers an extra layer of holds-you-in magic for an ultra-smooth look, plus a touch of added stretch to ensure you're still totally comfortable. So, we had a few women with various body types here at R29 put them to the test.
First, though, let's get a few things straight about this pocket technology: At first, we thought it referred to the back pockets, when, really, the technology is, in fact, all about the front of the jeans (though, don't fret, because according to our sources, it sounds like your butt will look good, too). Also, we're not saying you necessarily have to be "held in" by your jeans — and we know there's nothing worse than sitting around all day in a stiff, too-tight pair. But, if you've ever had jeans that you swear make your bod look better than it does naked, you probably understand what Madewell means (and you'll want to give them a try).
If you still need convincing, we did the work for you. A few Refinery29 staffers test-drove the 10" high-rise skinny jeans (featuring these Magic Pockets), and heard solid reviews all-around. "I've tried my share of denim claiming to slim and shape," admitted R29er Kate Hyatt, who wore this particular pair in a size 30. "There was a noticeable difference for me between the Madewell Magic Pockets jeans and the rest [of shaping jeans]; these really hold you in, but somehow feel super-light and effortless. My waist and butt actually look smooth and tight — no bunching or folding. The stretch is just the right amount, too. I felt sucked it without feeling like a sausage in jeggings," she explained.
Even skinny jeans critics admitted that these are pretty great. Our senior creative social strategist, Lindsay Arakawa, test-drove them in a size 26 and said, "I haven't worn skinny jeans in a really long time, so I don't know if I'd wear this pair on the regular, but the top half of the pants was really nice. The smoothing effect was definitely more noticeable in the front than the back. They looked real good, and overall I give them a 8.5/10," she said. (Arakawa might like the wide-leg version better.)

There was just one complaint, though, coming from our senior fashion editor, Erin Cunningham, who tried the jeans in a size 28. "I liked them for the most part, and they were definitely flattering," she said. "But my only issue was that when I sat, I felt like the waistband dug into my stomach, which I hate." Oof — not the best news, but depending on where the waistband hits on your silhouette, this may or may not be an issue. And based on the unanimous verdict that these guys are as flattering as jeans get, we'd definitely say they're still worth a try.
So, click on to shop these Magic Pocket jeans,and share your review with us in the comments.

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