We’re In Love With The Earrings Ryan Reynolds Got Blake Lively For Valentine’s Day

Photo: Anna Webber/Getty Images.
Although Blake Lively was occupied with her Galentine's Day party and Ryan Reynolds didn't plan anything special, we knew these two would pull through and surprise us with a sweet Valentine's Day gesture. And they didn't disappoint. At Lively and her sister Robyn's celebration, Elle's Sally Holmes spotted the actress in blindingly sparkly earrings. The Anita Ko set is made of 18-karat rose gold and costs $1,700. The arrows look like they've been shot right through your ears. Lively sounded rather nonchalant about them, though. "Well this was my Valentine's Day gift, one of them, apparently," she said. But she did have a cute story — about the gift and about falling in love with Reynolds. "My husband was so excited about my Valentine's Day gift that he gave it to me early," she said. "But I love this because it's also like Valentine's Day, it's an arrow. The cupid got me very bad with him. I have it very very bad for my husband, so it's a nice representation of that for me, that's why I loved it." Reynolds' cards are his speciality, she added. "But then when that goes with this, hello!" Diamonds are more than just jewelry to her, though. She told Holmes they're a reminder of her value. "It's nice to have nights where you come together, celebrate each other and say I love you and respect you and you are worth this," she said. "That's why it was important to me to have this wall where we wrote 'I'm worth' and everyone writes what they're worth, whether it's equal pay or more sleep or diamonds or more shoes or chocolate, there's plenty of things we need to remind ourselves that we're worth."
Photo: Anna Webber/Getty Images.

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