Let Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Be Your Beacon Of Light Through The Darkness Of 2016

Photo: Photo: Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock.
The year has been quite the roller coaster. And not a fun roller coast either, mind you. This has been the type of full-throttle ride that leaves you feeling sick, confused, and dizzy. But every coaster has a calm moment, and for 2016, those bits can almost entirely be attributed to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.
After the unfortunate demise of Brangelina, the winning pair seem to be one of Hollywood's last true A-list couple. (We defy you to find another couple with as much pop culture clout.) And to boot, they're just damn adorable. Blake Lively loves food. Ryan Reynolds is shockingly sarcastic. In a world where everything seemed to go wrong, these two went right.
Ahead, find the best moments of 2016 from the Lively-Reynolds cute factory. They shall be your beacon of light in these dark times.

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