A New Era Of Kim Kardashian Is Here

It’s been almost 10 years since Kim Kardashian came into our lives. Since then, we've watched her life and style evolve before our eyes — never missing a beat thanks to her constant social media updates. We could always count on the Kardashian sister to shock us, wow us, and inspire us with her latest look. If it wasn't her bronzer, it was her lip ring, or her diamond grills, or her contoured butt, or her short hair, long hair, blond hair, straight hair — you get the picture. The woman knew that big changes made for big headlines, and became a full-fledged beauty icon in the process. But, like many things in Kim's life right now, it seems like all of that is changing.

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After her traumatizing Paris robbery, Kim understandably slowed down — and her beauty look did too. In fact, Kim has been rocking the same straight, butt-grazing extensions since September. No top-knots, braids, or sleek waves — no surprise blond moments. For the average plebeian, maintaining the same hair and makeup for months on end is entirely normal. But this is Kim Kardashian we're talking about. Hell, even her husband Kanye has undergone two giant hair makeovers in that time.
And, she's gone nearly bare-faced every day since, too. Part of that could be attributed to psoriasis, which, the star revealed, is spreading to her face as well. But even her famous makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, said that her famous contour and Instagram brows are officially out with 2016. Could the woman with a 2-hour daily makeup marathon and massive glam squad finally be changing the very thing she became known for? Or is this just a temporary retreat from her normal routine, in response to recent events?


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This week, we saw Kim slowly return to social media. And, with every Snapchat and Instagram post, we were expecting at least a subtle change — just like old times. Has she taken the extensions out? Worn a slicked-back look? Wrapped her hair up in braids? Nothing. Nada. Even at the annual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve blowout, Kim looked the same: minimal makeup and Rapunzel hair, not a strand out of place. Is Kim, again, focused on other things? Is she trying to stay out of the spotlight? Is she still struggling to feel entirely herself? Or is she simply just loving the hell out of her current look? Only time will tell. But if the first few days of 2017 are any indication, we could be seeing a totally new side of Kim Kardashian. And, at the end of the day, that's her choice — not ours.

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