Was Kanye Behind The Nixed Kardashian Christmas Card?

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Thanksgiving dinner at the Kardashian home might be a little icy this year. In Touch reports that Kanye West may have led the charge against this year's Kardashian Christmas card, which the family announced would not be happening back in September.
At the time, Kim cited scheduling reasons for the break in tradition, which is totally believable. When you're busy taking over the world, who has time to pose on a staircase?
But, a source close to the family insists that Kanye wanted a card featuring just him, his baby, and his baby mama. "There will probably never be a Kardashian family Christmas card again of all of them," the source told In Touch.
To be honest, Kanye has never looked comfortable fraternizing with certain members of Kim's immediate entourage. After all, he's the second coming of Steve Jobs/Leonardo da Vinci/Walt Disney, and they're...well, Scott Disick.
Apparently, Rob Kardashian's downfall and the Bruce and Kris Jenner "it's complicated" relationship status also played a part in the cancelled card, but it was probably Kanye who brought up both of those (valid) points.
Now that he's deprived us of the only holiday tradition that's more sacred than spiking our family's egg nog, it's time for Yeezus to put up or shut up with the first iteration of the Kimye Christmas card.
Bring your A-game, Kanye. Ellen just set the bar pretty high. (In Touch)

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