The Kardashian Who Cried Wolf? Rob & Blac Chyna Are Reportedly Back On

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One day, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian will break up and none of us with write about it. But today is (unfortunately) not that day. According to Us Weekly, the two split in "the heat of the moment" because of ongoing arguments at home. The source tells the site that Chyna couldn't "deal with his moodiness anymore" and had to escape it. This isn't that big of a surprise considering Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni, recently warned us that they wouldn't stay split for long. But Rob and Chyna have cried wolf on their relationship one too many times. And now, with stories of Chyna reportedly physically attacking Rob, it's becoming harder and harder to report on their complicated (and consistently changing) relationship status without questioning their motives. Anyone who was on social media Saturday evening, or read entertainment news all day yesterday, is familiar with the intense and emotional events that unfolded across Snapchat and Instagram. Many of us were skeptical of the legitimacy of this public break-up because it was too perfectly timed, considering their Rob & Chyna baby special aired the day after their "break-up." Now, TMZ reports that even Rob's sisters are sick and tired of their petty drama. If the Kardashians (the queens of publicity stunts) are calling bullshit, we are too. When they do finally untangle their lives from each other, we probably will have already forgotten about them. In the meantime, here's their maybe-real, maybe-fake update: They're back on. At least until there's another special on E!. Read These Stories Next:
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