These Questions Need Answers In Season 2 Of Rob & Chyna

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Despite Rob Kardashian’s lackluster efforts to convince us that him and Blac Chyna’s most recent break up wasn’t a publicity stunt, my eyes have been permanently sided since the screenshots showed up on Chyna’s Instagram. The timing of the social media explosion was a little too convenient in relation to the premiere of the Rob & Chyna baby special that aired last night.
After watching the hour-long episode it was clear why they would need some reinforcement to get people to tune in. To recap: Chyna and Rob have a baby shower, they have a baby girl via C-section, name her Dream, everyone is happy and thinks she’s cute. It would have been a great tv event if it wasn’t information that we’ve already had for weeks and months. Pictures and video of Chyna’s baby shower, the one she was actually invited to, have been all over Instagram since it happened. Dream already has her own IG account – with way more followers than me – serving fresh-out-of-the-womb glam.
This weekends shenanigans made me wonder if Rob and Chyna suddenly realized that no one would buy the cow if they could get the milk for free. I’m worried that this is going to be their go-to method of promo for season two of Rob & Chyna (which was shamelessly plugged at the end of the birth special): create public relationship drama and save the civilized version for E!. But they could save themselves, and us, some effort if they simply addressed the issues we actually care about... without spoiling them on social media.

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