Meera Menon’s Newest Film: The Press Conference

Equity director Meera Menon's newest film for Refinery29's Shatterbox Anthology.

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Meera Menon has a fondness for powerful women and so do we. In the director's newest film, we watch as a governor fights for her space in the public eye in the midst of a scandal, while rocking all the relationships she relies on. Instead of running away she meets her critics head-on for a press conference (aptly named) to set the record straight. The Press Conference conveys all the secret conversations we're not suppose to know about right before the news drops. Menon just made headlines with her 2016 Sundance Film presentation Equity. A film that follows an investment banker (Anna Gunn) as she climbs to the top of Wall Street in the thick of financial corruption. It's a double-crossing good time filled with thrills and shake-ups in a predominantly boy's club. The film received glowing reviews and was acquired by Sony Pictures as the prime distributor. We're excited to have Menon as a member of the Shatterbox Anthology team — breaking new ground and giving a voice to powerful women. Enjoy the film The Press Conference above or on Comcast Watchable.
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Meera Menon The Press Conference Short Film, PreviewReleased on September 22, 2016

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