The Raddest ’80s Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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A Halloween costume needn't necessarily be topical to be a big hit. Frankly, any getup this year that doesn't reference Game of Thrones, Midsommar, or an egg is bound to be a breath of fresh air.
Your Jon and Dany couple's costume is already outdated, so you may as well start from scratch and dig deeper into the pop culture vault for inspiration. To the '80s!
It's the decade that gave us Bill and Ted, Madonna, The Golden Girls, Marty McFly, Beetlejuice, and countless other memorable looks. It's familiar, but not obvious. It's nostalgic. It allows you to exercise your creativity while also making the most out of your older sister's stonewashed jeans. An all-around win, really.
In the buildup to Halloween, we'll be highlighting '80s films and characters that should inspire some seriously bitchin' costumes. Just be warned: You may have to spend several minutes explaining to millennials who you're supposed to be and why it's criminal that they don't get the reference. Beyond that, brace yourself for some totally tubular trick-or-treating.

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