Every Memorial Day Sale You Need To Shop This Weekend

Hi summer! Remember us? It's the last stretch of May and our sun-deprived legs are ready to make their annual debut. Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial moment for things like, "grilling," "chilling," and "Why are cargo shorts still happening?!" to re-enter our everyday vocabulary. It's also the perfect way to start your seasonal closet swaps (sales everywhere!). Maybe you even properly Kon-Mari'd your closet in preparation for all the buying you're about to do.

While you could dredge out your same ol' flip-flops and five-year-old tank tops for this weekend's pool parties, there's more fun in taking advantage of the epic discounts all over the place. And with upcoming summer vacations begging for a new bathing suit (and sunglasses, and shorts, and minidresses...), we'll keep telling ourselves self-indulgence isn't as bad when you're paying less than full price. With that, here's a massive list of absolutely every sale you need to check out this weekend.

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