Spring Wardrobe Swaps To Make Right Now

There are trends we're so fond of, it's difficult to let them go — we'll be hanging on to our cropped flares for dear life if they ever go "out of style." See, even we occasionally need a friendly little nudge or word of encouragement to take the leap from a style we know and love and swap it for something a bit fresher (that's part of why our closets are legitimately overflowing into our bedrooms).
But with spring in full swing and summer arriving in just a few short weeks, it's high time to make good on that old adage, "Out with the old and in with the new," and we're using the pieces ahead as our guide. From lightening up our outerwear to trying a different shoe or bag, a few quick wardrobe swaps will have us (and hopefully you, too) feeling like a whole new woman — and who knows, maybe we can even score a little extra cash by selling those worn-and-loved pieces. Click on to join us in officially taking our wardrobes into the new season.