16 Trendy Travel Bags To Get You Where You’re Going In Style

The rising popularity of "travel style" has created an entire new world of expectations for how one should look on the go. Thanks to celebrities and models (we're looking at you, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), sweatpants and a hoodie no longer cut it for a long plane ride (even though we like to think they still do). Instead, celeb airport ensembles — typically comprised of a skinny jean, moto jacket, and a few accessories (think a wide-brim hat, cat-eye sunglasses, or a cozy blanket scarf) — have set the bar high for dressing while hitting the road.
With so much focus on ensembles, though, the bags we carry can get the short end of the stick. But why shouldn't they look just as good? If you've been carrying the same beat-up pieces (and we mean carry-on, makeup case, backpack, et al.) for years now, it's time to replace your old go-tos with some fresh, stylish pieces that will enhance your travel style, rather than cramping it. From a rolling suitcase to the pouch you keep some earrings and Advil in, every bag you jet set with can be a reflection of your personal style: Click through to shop our picks for all the good-looking, TSA-approved items that will get you where you need to go en vogue.

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