Over Minimalism? These Loud Patterned Bags Are What Your Spring Wardrobe Needs

Maybe you aren't a fan of the whole minimalism trend that's been dominating the fashion industry the past few seasons. And for that reason, Mansur Gavriel's streamlined and simple bucket bag (yes, the one everyone has) was probably never really your thing. Well, the brand seems to be hoping to recruit maximalists aboard its cult-status train with its first collaboration — which is anything but minimal.

On Monday, Mansur Gavriel is releasing its predictably photo-worthy collection with textile empire Maharam (which debuted at its spring/summer 2016 presentation), and it's pretty much the antithesis of what you'd expect. Focusing heavily on loud colors and patterns, the selection offers four unique, geometric silhouettes in seven mod prints. And though these stunners definitely don't come cheap (the styles range from $395 to $1,350), the limited edition goods do pretty much guarantee you won't be seeing a million people on the streets carrying the same piece.

Considering the popularity of Mansur's classic styles, it's hard to imagine these bags staying in stock very long. So click through to grab one for yourself — this might just be the key to the spring wardrobe refresh you've been needing.

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