Which Member Of Taylor Swift’s Clique Are You?

Slumber parties and dance sessions inside her Tribeca apartment; holiday-weekend jaunts to her Rhode Island compound (swan floats and cake baking 100% guaranteed). Forget Blair Waldorf. Taylor Swift has officially become the reigning queen of New York City — the girl you might love to hate, but desperately want to be friends with. And of all her conquests in the concrete jungle she now calls home, none has stood out more than her establishing the ultimate, most enviable group of friends the city (potentially the world) has ever seen. With top models like Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, and Martha Hunt and music mavens like Lorde and the HAIM sisters at her side, T-Swift shows that the key to getting through life isn't what you do, but whom you surround yourself with. Find yourself stalking this #girlgang on social media on the reg, pretending to be one of the chosen ones? Let your obsession go one step further and take the quiz below to find out which member of Swift's coveted clique you would be.