The One Fan Move That Even Taylor Swift Won’t Tolerate

Photo: REX USA.
Taylor Swift has been known to leave notes for her fans on Instagram and dispense love advice to them on Tumblr. It's obvious that she cares about them. But, for at least one Swifty, all of the virtual attention simply wasn't enough. Yesterday, a London fan with major boundary issues decided to leave the pop star a series of Post-It notes right on the front door of her Manhattan apartment building.

As Gothamist
points out, thanks to the constant paparazzi pics of the star running
around town, it's not difficult to figure out where Taylor lives. And,
she's not exactly shy about having her famous friends over to hang out.
Karlie. Lena. Ariana. (She even invited a 15-year-old fan
and her family to her apartment on Valentine's Day to bake cookies and
make matching flower crowns with Olivia Benson.) But, just because you
can figure out someone's address doesn't give you the right to lurk
outside their home with Post-Its. It's a bit creepy, even if the
messages themselves are harmless enough ("Keep these for Taylor,"
"Please she needs to see them," etc.).

We can only imagine how violated we'd feel — not to mention how annoyed our neighbors would be — if someone papered the door of our building with notes. And, while Taylor has been way too nice (or too busy dancing?) to say anything about it so far, we hope this doesn't inspire other fans who are hoping to meet the star. Everyone deserves at least a tiny bit of privacy. Plus, it could lead to a Post-It shortage.

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