16 Times Blair Waldorf Guided Us Through Life

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Blair Waldorf may have been the "crazy bitch" of the Upper East Side, but she was also the reigning queen of getting everything she wanted — and knocking down anything (or anyone) that stood in her way. She had sass for days and a drive for success. She also taught us a little something about living in a world filled with excess — and not just that a headband goes with every outfit. She showed us how to be an independent woman (sorry, Mother Chucker). And, she knew that even the most powerful ladies need a supportive team to scheme help them along the way. (We're looking at you, Nelly Yuki.)

So, next time you find yourself in a rut — be it career-centric, wardrobe-induced, or otherwise — we recommend looking to Queen B for guidance. Ahead, let these 16 prime examples of Blair's infinte wisdom guide you to your Fifth Avenue castle in the sky.
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Always show them who's in charge.
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Positivity is the best policy.
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You can't sit back and let things pass you by.
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There's nothing more powerful than an independent woman. (Cue Destiny's Child.)
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We all need an Old Hollywood spirit animal.
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Elegance, always.
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Sometimes, the truth hurts.
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She's not cocky; she's confident.
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We all have our weaknesses...
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Know your goals — and don't let anyone stand in your way.
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Because you're worth it.
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Truer words have never been spoken.
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Remember: Personal style is eternal.
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There's nothing a little brunch won't cure.
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Stay strong — even when you're feeling overwhelmed.

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