Kendall Jenner Makes Running Errands Look Really Good

When it comes to fashion, Kendall Jenner is fearless. She’s tried — and succeeded — wearing everything from a caped romper to a lace cat-ear hood to sweatpants topped with a tuxedo jacket. Given her recent track record, it's not surprising that Jenner took Acne's ankle-length sleeveless coat out for a spin yesterday. It's even less surprising that it was a total hit. 
Outerwear that has no sleeves doesn't sound easy to wear, nor does it seem particularly practical. But, it is! If you happen be in Los Angeles, where it's basically balmy, it provides just enough coverage. And, if you happen to be in a city where it’s freezing — which seems to be everywhere except L.A. these days — it adds an extra layer of warmth. Functionality aside, sans-sleeve toppers also look really freakin' cool. Jenner wore hers with coated denim pants, an Acne turtleneck, and her beloved Alex Wang Chelsea boots, but you can wear yours with anything.