What Glasses Will Lupita Nyong’o Wear At The Oscars?

UPDATE: Lupita's done it again. The actress took the stage at last night's SAG Awards to present alongside Jared Leto, and she did so in her show-stopping specs. While male hairdressing occupied our attention last awards season (let's not forget when Leto himself pioneered the epic Man Bun Movement of 2014), this year has proven to be all about Lupita's eyewear. There's even a Twitter handle to prove it.
When she first donned her frames at the Golden Globes, we reacted accordingly. At the SAG Awards, the actress showed her dexterity in coordinating gown with glasses: Nyong'o complemented the black stripes on her floral Elie Saab dress with thick, plastic frames of the same hue. The actress probably has her Oscars dress already picked out, but she'll still need some couture-ready specs for when it's her turn at the teleprompter. We're sure she's busy this time of year, so we went ahead and shopped some options for her. Ahead, check out Lupita's SAG Awards pair, and our picks for her next onstage-eyewear outing.
This post was originally published on January 12.
So what if Lupita Nyong'o wasn't nominated for any Golden Globes this year? The actress still managed to shut down the show last night with a single accessory moment — for the second year in a row.
At last year's Oscar ceremony, the 12 Years A Slave actress single-handedly dethroned Blair Waldorf as headband queen with a charming Fred Leighton hair piece. For round two of the awards season rodeo, Nyong'o casually stepped on stage to assume her Golden Globes presenter duties with a never-before-seen but unmissable accessory: oversized square glasses. (Purple, to match her gorgeous Giambattista Valli gown.)
Earlier that evening on the red carpet, Nyong'o's specs were nowhere to be seen. But, when it was time to read from the teleprompter, Lupita did what any other nearsighted person would do: She pulled out her trusty eyewear to help her get the job done. It was so normal, unapologetic, and incredibly chic.
Just like that, no haute couture frock will feel complete without matching frames. While we can't all have designer gowns, we can procure Lupita-grade specs to make us feel dressed up. So, we found fancy eyewear that achieves the three most important things to aspire to in life: To see clearly, to look sleek, and to channel Lupita Nyong'o in everything we do.