Mean Girls Gets Its Very Own Jewelry Line — Grool!

Even Regina George's backhanded "Oh my God, I love your bracelet. Where'd you get it?" compliments are no match for the recent release from Stella & Bow. Like us, the label found inspiration in the teen flick we've watched too many times to count: Mean Girls. And, it's created a line of jewelry that celebrates the phrases Regina, Cady, and "girl world" created. Yes, fetch happened.
The small collection is filled with cuffs, rings, and frenemy friendship bracelets and necklaces for gifting to your closest group of gals. (None for Gretchen Wieners.) While the Tina Fey-written movie may forever make us cringe over what our high school days were like — or at least, some version of them — these tiny charms will be a happy, sartorial reminder that we're now far removed from the drama. The collection drops this February at Stella & Bow, and we're counting down to days until we can clip our hair into our very own "Full of Secrets" barrette. (Nylon)