8 Pairs Of Shoes You Won't Believe Are From Forever 21

There aren't many stores where we can begin to shop as preteens and still find a hidden gem 20 or 30 years down the line. So, needless to say, Forever 21 does have quite a lot going for it. And, now, the brand is taking its next step with footwear. While soles have always been a part of the retailer's offerings, this time, it's branching out with a "premium leather shoe collection."
The new styles will promise a higher quality product, meaning better-made goods and hopefully none of the lead that had previously been found in some of the store's merchandise. In addition, the prices will be raised — though, ranging from $40 to $79, every pair will still retail at a very wallet-friendly amount.
A peek at the first few looks does suggest that the brand is paying attention to what its customers want: hardware details, pretty cutouts, and, ideally, footwear that won't fall apart after three spins around the block. But, as a fast-fashion brand entering into this new "premium" shoe space, it's yet to be seen if Forever 21's new styles will feel any different from what it's offered in the past. But, if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that the store has left us pleasantly surprised before. (Fashionista)

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