These Emma Watson Ads From 2013 Are Sparking Outrage, Plus More Stories

Just Wrong: Donald Trump's campaign manager was arrested and charged with simple battery.

Corey Lewandowski was charged with the battery of Michelle Fields, a former Breitbart reporter, at an incident at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. According to the police report, Lewandowski "grabbed Fields' left arm with his right hand, causing her to turn and step back," ABC News reports. (Read More)

Here At Home: Former 2016 candidate & Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

The Wisconsin governor announced Tuesday that he is endorsing Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's presidential bid. In an interview with conservative radio host Charlie Sykes, Walker said, "After all these years of the Obama-Clinton failures, it's time we elect a strong new leader, and I've chosen to endorse Ted Cruz," CNN reports. (Read More)

Longread: Muslim consumers spend an estimated $230 billion on clothing, and the fashion industry is finally taking notice.

You'd think that Muslim women somehow just started focusing on their sartorial choices, considering leading designers and international brands have only very recently recognized the significance of this crucial consumer group. How puzzling, then, that the fashion industry would likely “collapse without their patronage,” as Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell wrote in The Atlantic earlier this year. (Read More)

A-List: Actor Wentworth Miller opened up about his depression and its effects on his weight in response to a fat-shaming meme.

Yesterday, a meme poking fun at actor Wentworth Miller's post-Prison Break weight gain made the internet rounds thanks to British humor site TheLADBible. The meme joked that Miller had discovered "McDonald's Monopoly" since breaking out of prison on the show. (Read More)

Yikes: Fans are divided about Emma Watson's old ads for Lancôme's "Blanc Expert" skin "whitening" line.

Even with all the controversy surrounding them, skin "whitening" products aren't going anywhere soon. Within the $20 billion industry, plenty of people are getting paid. At first glance, one such person appears to be actress Emma Watson — an outspoken feminist and activist in the fights for gender and racial equality. (Read More)

Geek Out: Snapchat's latest update lets you make audio calls, video & audio notes, and share stickers (of sloths).

Snapchat reigns in the world of face swaps, but its chat system has always seemed like an afterthought, especially when you compare it to Facebook Messenger. Yet the app's latest update, available today, takes Chat to the next level. Chat 2.0 introduces three brand new features: video chat and audio calls, video and audio notes, and stickers. (Read More)

Cha-Ching: The lavish nuptials of two Russian elites included a performance by Jennifer Lopez — & might have cost $1 billion.

The lavish nuptials of Khadija Uzhakhova and Said Gutseriev — Russian elites who tied the knot last weekend — are blowing up on Instagram, allowing the rest of us to electronically crash what, by all accounts, was the wedding of the century. Harper's Bazaar seems to think that the price tag could be in the $1 billion range, which would make Angelababy's $31 million wedding look like amateur night. (Read More)

PR Stunt: Airbnb offers contest winners a free stay in Paris...inside a shark-filled aquarium.

The company is offering users the chance to sleep alongside the ocean’s most feared creatures in an underwater bedroom with a 360-degree transparent wall. If you’re not a Paris local, no need to worry: Airbnb will arrange travel from anywhere in the world. You have until April 3 to enter. (Read More)

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