This Airbnb Lets You Sleep With The Fishes

Sure, overwater hotel suites are amazing. But if you’ve ever wished to live under the sea, this Airbnb will give you the chance to do so.
The Shark Aquarium is an Airbnb listing in Paris that's built with a 360-degree transparent wall that lets you sleep alongside the ocean’s most feared creatures, sharks.
The Aquarium de Paris and the shark tank’s Airbnb host, Fred Buyle (who is a world record-breaking freediver) are hosting the first-ever sleepover contest in the Shark Aquarium the weekend of April 11. If you're interested in spending a free night living underwater, you have until April 3 at 11:59 p.m. CET to submit yourself to the contest. If you’re not a Paris local, no need to worry: Airbnb will arrange travel from anywhere in the world.
Winners of the contest will spend one of their nights in a cylindrical bed with a view of 35 different species of sharks, and will be provided two intimate meals inside the aquarium. Once settled in the room, the guests will be given a tour of the aquarium to learn about the importance of sharks in the ocean’s ecosystem.
By offering the stay in the historic Paris aquarium, Airbnb says they hope "to create awareness beyond the scientific community and change the way the wider consumer audience think about sharks."
The actual bedroom unit was designed for the Aquarium and was tested in the Mediterranean sea. It will go on to be used as a study area for biologists to observe the sharks' behavior.
To get this one-of-a-kind experience, guests must be over 18 years of age and medically fit to stay in the bedroom. Guest must also follow some rules, including no selfies after dark, no diving, or sleepwalking, and night-swimming. To see the entire list of rules and submit yourself for the contest, visit the listing page on Airbnb.
In the meantime, click through to get a look at the accomodations.

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