Zoe Saldana Is Facing Major Backlash For Her New Role, Plus More Stories

Here At Home: Ben Carson announced that his campaign has no "political path forward."

Republican presidential hopeful and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson announced that his campaign has no "political path forward" in the 2016 race. Carson also announced that he won't participate in the GOP debate on Thursday, March 3. He is expected to formally announce his campaign's suspension on Friday. (Read More)

World News: Officials found a piece of debris that could be from missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

A piece of debris that could be from a Boeing 777 has been found off the coast of Mozambique. A U.S. official told CNN that the piece of wreckage could be from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The newly discovered debris was sent to Malaysia to be examined. (Read More)

Major News: Supreme Court justices were divided after hearing arguments for its most important abortion case in years.

Impassioned supporters on both sides of the issue rallied outside of the Supreme Court this morning as "closely divided" justices heard oral arguments for one of the most significant abortion-rights cases in decades. The case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt is a challenge to a 2013 Texas law that instituted new requirements for abortion providers in the state. (Read More)
Photographed by Joshua Yospyn.

In-The-Know: Zoe Saldana's poster for her Nina Simone biopic reignited backlash over her casting.

The official movie poster for the upcoming Nina Simone biopic has been released — and people are not happy. Zoe Saldana plays the title role in Nina, which hits theaters in April. Saldana's casting as the legendary African-American singer was originally slammed, because she is of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent. There's even a Facebook group urging people to boycott the film. (Read More)

Tech Talk: In Sweden, McDonald's updated its iconic Happy Meal box so that it can be folded into a virtual reality viewer.

The viewer is, naturally, called "Happy Goggles." Happy Meal buyers can then slide a smartphone inside and play a VR video game on their Happy Goggles. The move seems like something we might expect on April Fool's Day, but it's legit. (Read More)

Dream Job: A cat café set to open in England is looking for a cat nanny.

A cat café set to open in Manchester, England, is currently hiring staff. In addition to the normal positions, it's also hiring a cat nanny. What does a cat nanny do? Most of the things a regular nanny does: taking care of feeding and playtime, as well managing the education (training) and hygiene (clean up and litter boxes) of the cats. (Read More)

Pro-Tip: Here's how to layer your favorite clothes, so you can wear them more often.

Refinery29 tapped photographer duo Juco (check out more of their work, here), who worked with another art and ceramics creative twosome, Kat Hutter and Roger Lee (their work, here), to showcase eight of our most-utilized layering moves. Here's to not having to play favorites — the techniques, here. (Read More)

Icebreaker: This Instagram account mashes up Meryl Streep with food.

Taste of Streep photoshops the actress into pictures of random foods. We never knew how elegant she would look draped on an eggplant. Or how natural nesting in nachos. Or how amazing on avocado toast. Seriously, this may be Streep’s best recent role. (Read More)

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