Zoe Saldana Is Pretty Psyched To Fit Into Her Pre-Twins Costume

We get it. It can be a tad annoying when a gorgeous celebrity shows off her slim figure after giving birth. Even so, Zoe Saldana seems so pleased with herself for fitting into an old costume after having twins that we'll give her a pass. Let's just keep our own expectations in check. It's not a contest.

"Holy S---!" Bowie and Cy's mom shared on Instagram. "You guys, I had to share this, this is one of the old #guardiansofthegalaxy costumes that I wore back in 2013. After twins I can't believe I was able to slip into this. @marvel and @jamesgunn don't be mad, I'm not showing anything that hasn't been seen before... besides, aren't we designing new stuff?.... It pays off to work hard! I mean it mommies of the world, if I did it you can too."

Sure enough, she looks pretty great.

Kudos to Saldana for achieving her goal. We're not sure if we're buying the whole "if I did it, you can, too" argument — isn't she basically a goddess? — but it's certainly inspiring. Now we just need some twin babies to chase after for our own cardio.
OPENER IMAGE: Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock.

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