8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Jan 21 2016

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ICYMI: Grace Coddington is stepping down at Vogue after nearly 30 years. It's the end of an era at Vogue: Grace Coddington, the glossy's creative director of nearly three decades, is leaving the influential role, reports Business of Fashion, which broke the news of the major media shift late last night. (Read More)
Here At Home: A Muslim charity organization has donated 30,000 bottles of fresh water to the people of Flint, MI. According to the Independent, the water was gathered by the Michigan chapter of a religious charity organization, Who Is Hussain. The organization, based out of London, says on its website that its mission is “to encourage people to give back and enact positive change in society,” in the example of a figure from Islamic tradition named Hussain. (Read More)
Fun Fact: There could be a real ninth planet that's 10 times bigger than Earth. On January 20, two astronomers at Caltech published an article in The Astronomical Journal titled "Evidence For a Distant Giant Planet in the Solar System." According to their research, this maybe-planet is affecting the orbits of smaller objects in space, specifically the dwarf planet Sedna. They estimate there's a 70% chance it's the real deal. (Read More)
Real Talk: Scott Disick gets paid $20,000 for a single sponsored Instagram post.

A Jezebel investigation revealed
that Scott Disick — self-proclaimed "lord," former Kourtney Kardashian flame, and man who actually pairs smoking slippers with walking sticks — is raking in tons of money from sponsored content. Disick has 13.4 million Instagram followers and reportedly makes anywhere between $15,000 to $20,000 for a single sponsored post. (Read More)
Icebreaker: There's a Twitter account that will find your dog twin. Sure, we can’t all have a cat doppelgänger like Adam Driver, but maybe (just maybe), we can all have a dog twin. That’s the idea behind the Twitter account You Are Dog Now. The concept is pretty simple: users tweet a picture of themselves and the account makes you a dog. (Read More)
Lawyer Up: A Barney's customer who was accosted by police was awarded $45,000 in a suit. Barneys New York’s racial profiling lawsuit from April 2013 involving African-American college student Trayon Christian has at last come to a close. The city of New York has settled all claims associated with the suit and will pay Christian $45,000. (Read More)
A-List: Amy Schumer responded to joke theft allegations with a categorical denial. "On my life, I have never and would never steal a joke." the comedian tweeted on Tuesday, after three female comedians — Wendy Liebman, Tammy Pescatelli, and Kathleen Madigan — all shared frustrations on Twitter about seeing familiar material appear in Inside Amy Schumer and Trainwreck. (Read More)
Spoiler Alert: Making a Murderer fans may have discovered a clue that defense attorneys missed. In examining a photo, internet users have noticed that Teresa Halbach's keychain appears to be much more than just a single key attached to a fob, which has bolstered claims of police interference. Meanwhile, series creators Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos took to Twitter for a Q&A with fans of the show. (Read More)

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