Kate McKinnon & Aidy Bryant Shut Down The Haters — Leggings Are For Lazing On The Couch

Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant are back at it again with a sketch that shows what real women are like despite popular culture trying to send us a different message. And one thing women are good at with enough practice, and shouldn’t feel bad about, is being lazy. Queue the ultimate lazy girl hack: performance, moisture wick, and flex-fit technology athletic leggings.
Leggings are a great way of making you look like you have your shit together simply because you opted for clothes like an adult instead of chillin’ in your underwear all day.
In a new parody, Saturday Night Live wondered what women really do with performance leggings. Plot twist: it’s not always working out.
“I’m a runner, I run,” says Heidi Gardner.
“I’m a fighter, I fight,” says Melissa Villaseñor.
“And I just sit the hell down and chill in these soft pants,” says Bryant. #Relatable.
If you’re lucky, you’re able to wear leggings to work, then wear them to the gym, because changing your pants just discourages you from actually working out after a long day. But if you still neglect to hit the gym, your leggings stretch, so don’t even worry about it.
The clear difference with wearing regular knit leggings is the chance that your underwear of choice will show through, so why not spend the extra money on durable leggings that include the word “technology” in the description. This. Is. The. Future. I mean, Nike literally makes Dri-Fit for babies who haven’t even acquired the strength to walk.
I’m not sure when we began to judge women outside of the standard fit mould for wearing a comfortable pair of leggings but it needs to stop. “Let’s get real. Leggings can be pants, pyjamas, and a napkin,” says McKinnon – a line I want to start seeing in Instagram bios.
“Women can do anything they want. And I want to do nothing!” Yes, Kate! Scream it for the people in the back.
Nike, I hope you’re watching and McKinnon and Bryant get proper accreditation for when Pro-Chillers launch this spring.
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