Mila Kunis & Kate McKinnon Are The Awful Spies We Need

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
What's worse than getting dumped? How about getting broken up with by a secret CIA agent whose enemies have put you on their hit list. So is the plot of Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon's new movie — appropriately titled The Spy Who Dumped Me which released a new trailer on Wednesday. If you somehow expected a Red Sparrow-esque thriller, or something more akin to Daniel Craig's franchise, well, think again: This spy flick is actually more buddy comedy than James Bond.
There's no shortage of similar comedies starring two men instead of women. (Off the top of my head? The Other Guys, 21 Jump Street, Cop Out... I could go on.) It's about time that women get put in surreal, insanely dangerous situations with absolutely no clue how to get out of them.
What makes this movie worth watching is that Kunis and McKinnon's characters must depend on one another to get themselves out of this tricky mess. Kunis' character encourages McKinnon to swallow a flash drive, for example. Maybe a more ride-or-die friend would swallow that flash drive for her friend, but hey, that's not the movie we signed up for.
The Spy Who Dumped Me also stars Justin Theroux as the titular spy, who somehow managed to make his ex-girlfriend's life even worse after he ended their relationship. The trailer doesn't exactly explain what went down between them, but clearly Theroux's character was a bit of a secret keeper: His ex had zero clue she was hooking up with a bonafide CIA agent.
How will Kunis and McKinnon, who just pitched their own Bachelor spin-off on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, make it through the movie? Apparently, by wearing amazing sequin jumpsuits, spilling one another's darkest secrets about Minions, and screaming, loudly, about how they "just killed someone."
Who knows — maybe these two will become spies in their own right and find new people to dump for the sequel? All I can say is, the film's August 3 release date can't come soon enough.
Check out the trailer below:

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