Just How Good Is Kate McKinnon's Gal Gadot Impression?

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Kate McKinnon is so good at impressions, she's practically a medium, channeling the spirits of living women, from Hillary Clinton to Millie Bobby Brown. We had no idea that what's even better than watching her lovingly parody people, though, is when her mimicry comes with a story, like the one she told Jimmy Fallon about Gal Gadot on The Tonight Show.
"She's, like, not that special, right?" the SNL star joked of Gadot. Wonder Woman made a big impression on the cast when she guest-starred in October, McKinnon said, calling Gadot a "Mediterranean goddess. Everything she says is like a prophecy."
That was when McKinnon became the Israeli actress before our eyes. Or, well, an exaggeratedly seductive version of her, anyway.
"I asked her, 'Do you have hobbies, Gal?' And she was like, 'I love to go to the beach. I love to paddle board. I love to watch my children run in the sand. I love to go to the Maldives.' Everything she said was magic."
These magical conversations even include talk of mortgage deductions on taxes. Gadot charmed others in the SNL family at the dinner they traditionally have with their guest stars on the Tuesday night before their episode. It's meant to be a casual way for the regulars to get to know the person they'll be working with all week, but Gadot turned it into something deeper.
"I want everyone to go around the table and say something they have never told anyone," McKinnon-as-Gadot said. While they might have scoffed at this suggestion from anyone else, such is the power of this super heroine that all complied, even boss Lorne Michaels. "He looked kind of freaked out the whole time, and when it got to him, he was like, 'Well, when I was 10, I...'"
That Gadot is a mesmerizing presence is not news to anyone with eyes and ears, but now we know McKinnon siphoned off Gadot's powers too.
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