You Need To See All Of The Women Behind Jessica Jones Season 2

Few shows seem more necessary in the world of #MeToo and #TimesUp than Jessica Jones, a superhero series that tackles consent, sexual violence, and PTSD better than nearly anything else out there. Thankfully, the Netflix favourite will finally return on Thursday, March 8, for season 2, well over two years after it first premiered on the streaming giant in 2015. It’s easy to worry about whether the super-powered drama lost some of its addictive bite after what feels like an eternity away from our screens.
But, the women behind the Netflix phenomenon are here to assure you all is as it was almost two-and-a-half years ago, if not better. In an exclusive preview clip from Jessica Jones 2.0, we get a sneak peek of what to expect from the upcoming 13-episode run, and it is as kick-butt as you would guess. We see snarky, erstwhile heroine Jessica (Krysten Ritter) toss a man through a class door — a subtle callback to the first-ever scene of the series — punch her way through New York City, and still flirt her way through some immediately crackling sexual tension.
There’s a simple reason all of this high-flying, or high-jumping in Jessica Jones parlance, action works: it’s brought to life by a legion of dedicated ladies who keep everything weighed in reality. “It’s about a balanced perspective,” creator and executive producer Melissa Rosenberg explains of her series in the clip. “A powerful female protagonist or a female director or a female showrunner, that shouldn’t be unique.”
As the Jones showrunner explains her outlook, we get glimpses of Ritter, co-star Rachael Taylor, directors Rosemary Rodriguez, and Rosenberg herself hard at work filming the Marvel-Netflix collaboration.
If you look closely, the strong women behind the comic book adaptation aren’t the only exciting details you’ll find. There are also a few scenes that reveal just how far down the rabbit hole we’ll go to understand where our titular leading lady got her powers, including one very suspicious, purple-hued painting and what appears to be the hospital intake forms from the car accident that infamously left her and orphan.
So, watch the featurette below for a tease of all the surprises in store for Jessica Jones season 2. If nothing else, you'll be quoting Jessica's most relatable line in this day and age, “I’m angry and I’m not sure there’s anything I won’t do anymore,” until the series returns for round two on International Women's Day.
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