The Best British Shows You Should Be Watching

Photo: Courtesy of ITV/Masterpiece.
Tell us if this sounds familiar: Sunday nights are reserved not for football or the latest Game of Thrones or Homeland or whatever show everyone else is obsessed with at the time. That's the night you settle down for the latest BBC drama with a mug of tea and a stack of biscuits.
Your Netflix history reveals not repeat viewings of much-heralded and widely-advertised US shows Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, but rather Black Mirror and The Crown binge-watches. You've also considered sending a gift basket to the genius there who created the nifty section devoted to homegrown TV shows.
You not only know who Nicola Walker and Olivia Colman are — you can name half a dozen of their respective IMDB credits. Idris Elba isn't Stringer Bell; he's DCI John Luther. Benedict Cumberbatch isn't Dr. Strange; he's Sherlock Holmes. And Dame Maggie Smith is a fucking rock star.
We hear you. To help you on your quest, we've rounded up the British shows, old and new, that have taken the world by storm. It's time to feel fiercely proud.

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