What Are The Actual Rules On The Block?

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Last night's episode of The Block: Tree Change left many of us stunned when Omar and Osman (Oz) were served a major penalty for breaking one of the show's key rules.
The best friends from western Sydney impressed the judges with their living room renovations. However, despite the luxe decor and finishings to transform the space in House 5, Omar and Oz landed in hot water due to a money issue.
When judge Shaynna Blaze noticed a baby grand piano on display which usually retails at $36,000, she questioned how the team managed to afford this because they hadn't won any prize money or allowances that would've allowed them to make the hefty purchase.
"Do you remember last week I was saying in the kitchen, I was a bit worried about where they’re getting the money from? And now we’ve got a baby grand… they’re not winning every week," she told judges Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer.
When it came to announcing the scores, host Scott Cam grilled Omar and Oz, saying, "I'm with her boys, how are you affording this piano? I know what they retail for".
Image courtesy of Channel 9
The Block: Tree Change contestants Omar and Oz
Omar revealed the pair nabbed the piano for just $7,500 — which ultimately exposed them to breaking a big rule on The Block.
Cam reminded all of the contestants that they are only permitted to land a discount of no more than 50% on any trade goods. This meant that Omar and Oz were penalised with a three-point deduction from their total score.
The incident has since sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with viewers wondering what the rules of The Block are, and if they're consistent every season.

What Are The Rules On The Block: Tree Change?

To put minds at ease, here's a rundown on what the rules — even those that are more often unspoken of — actually are:
— All trades must be paid the award rate.
— All trades must be inducted.
— Contestants must hire their own trades. According to 9Now, there is one exception to this rule in exceptional circumstances. The only time that trades will be brought in by someone else is when contestants "pull the hipages lever and host Scott Cam organises it for them.
— No help from any outside designer.
— All painting must be done by contestants.
— No more than 50% discount on any trades goods.
— No working ahead.
— No power tools after tools down.
— No power tools on Sunday or public holidays.
Omar and Oz are one of five pairs competing on the show's 18th season in Gisborne South in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges. The other teams are Sarah-Jane and Tom, Dylan and Jenny, Sharon and Ankur, and Rachel and Ryan who replaced Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull.
The Block: Tree Change continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.
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