Everything We Know About Farmer Wants A Wife 2022

From The Bachelor to Love Island, there are plenty of dating shows around these days. But there's none quite like Farmer Wants A Wife, and it's easy to see what sets it aside from the rest of the reality TV crop.
Returning in 2022 with Season 12, the Channel 7 show will follow the stories of five farmers who are not only looking for their special person, but a partner who can embrace their unique lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Thousands of eligible singles have applied to meet the farmers, but only a handful will be invited back to the farms for a chance to learn and love.

Who Is The Host?

Natalie Gruzlewski is hosting the show once again this year, and she will also be joined by special guest and former Sunrise host, Samantha Armytage. The pair will help guide the farmers throughout the reality TV experience as they embark on their special journey to find love.
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Image courtesy of Channel 7
Image courtesy of Channel 7

Who Is The Cast?

Season 12 features four male farmers, Ben, Harry, Benjamin and Will, as well as one female farmer, Paige.

Paige Marsh

Image courtesy of Channel 7
"I know my guy is out there, I just haven't met him yet," Paige Marsh says in a first-look promo.
The 27-year-old who grew up in Brisbane is a sheep and cattle farmer from Cassilis, NSW. She's the first female farmer on the series, and says the agricultural industry is still dominated by men.
"Being a female farmer is still outside of the norm," she explains. "There definitely are things we can't do as females that the guys can do physically but anything we can't do, we come up with a way to do it better.
Coming on the show at this stage in her life is important, because "finding true love would complete the whole package".
And depending on who she meets, she's also open to life on or off the farm.
"I said to them [the suitors] at the start that I'm willing to move. Agriculture has become a part of me, and it's not just my job, it's part of who I am," Marsh tells Refinery29 Australia. "But I don't have to be locked into a certain place."
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Ben Scowen

Ben Scowen is a dairy farmer from Wingham in NSW and he's at that stage in his life where he's ready to settle down.
"I've been in love once," says the 27-year-old. "I now have a beautiful three-year-old daughter to show from that and giving her the best life possible is important to me."
He hopes to find a woman who is genuine, outgoing, caring and loves him for who he truly is.
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Harry Lloyd

Harry Lloyd is a dairy farmer from Kyabram in Victoria and says he considers himself a good match — after all, he's called "handsome" by his mum.
"I like someone who knows how to have fun," the 23-year-old says of his ideal partner. "You've got to learn from each other. I think that's what I'm looking for, someone I can learn from.
"I don't really care about hair colour or anything like that, but I'll probably need someone who tells me to shut up sometimes," he laughs.
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Benjamin Jackson

Benjamin Jackson is a sheep farmer from Guyra, NSW and you may actually have come across his story in the past.
The 33-year-old made headlines last year after he created a heart shape with the sheep on his farm to pay tribute to his aunt whose funeral he couldn't attend due to border closures.
A year on, he's embarking on what he calls an adventure of a lifetime.
"I don't want to settle down," says Jackson. "I want to find someone who wants to continue this ball rolling with me."
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Will Simpson

Image courtesy of Channel 7
Will Simpson is a fourth-generation crop farmer from Berriwillock in Victoria. He says the one thing missing in his life is a partner, and starting a family is definitely on his mind.
"I don't have a set timeline, but I don't want to be 50 and having my first kid," says the 26-year-old.
When it comes to finding his future wife, he emphasises that it's not so much about what's on the outside, but rather what's on the inside that really counts.
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What Is The Air Date?

The Farmer Wants A Wife premieres on Sunday, September 4 at 7pm on Channel 7 and 7plus. It comes as part of the network's massive reality TV lineup for the year including ratings juggernaut, My Kitchen Rules that stars celebrity judges Manu Feildel, Nigella Lawson and former MasterChef Australia judges Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan. The show will go up against rival network, Channel 10's The Amazing Race Australia premiering the same week.

Where Is It Filmed?

In 2021, Farmer Wants A Wife's base filming location was The Convent — a gorgeous boutique hotel in the Hunter Valley. In 2022 we know parts will be filmed in NSW and Victoria where the farmers are actually based as they introduce their potential love interests to their own farms.
Host Natalie Gruslewski has opened up filming on location, saying one of the highlights was "Travelling the country for events, the Barrington Tops where our famers get to know their partners under the stars over a camping weekend, and a trip to Tamworth for the Country Ball – where Country music star Casey Barnes performed."
Image courtesy of Channel 7

What Is The Prize?

As cheesy as it sounds, what you win from Farmer Wants A Wife is hopefully love if you manage to find your perfect partner by the end of the experience. And surely you can't put a dollar price tag on love, right?
Watch the latest promo below and remember to keep checking back here as we continue updating the behind-the-scenes details about the 2022 season of Farmer Wants A Wife.
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