Farmer Wants A Wife 2022: Who’s Still Together After The Finale?

Spoilers ahead. The grand finale of Farmer Wants A Wife 2022 saw the farmers choose their final partners, with Will Simpson choosing Jess, Ben Scowen picking Leish, and Harry Lloyd asking Tess to become his girlfriend.
But as we've seen in the past, dating on a reality TV show is very different to real-life romance without the cameras.
The highly-anticipated reunion confirmed who's going strong, so here's a breakdown of whether the Farmer Wants A Wife couples are still together or not.

Are Farmer Will Simpson And Jess Still Together?

It was a tough decision for Will Simpson, but in the end, he decided to ask 26-year-old dental nurse Jess to be his girlfriend, instead of 25-year-old legal assistant Madi.
"When I look at my future I see you in it. I want you to be in it. I really am falling in love with you," he told Jess at the finale.
As a fourth-generation crop farmer from Berriwillock in Victoria, where he lives is very important to the 26-year-old and he'd ideally want his partner to relocate to be with him. Prior to the finale, popular reality TV podcast, So Dramatic! reported that Jess appeared to have moved to Berriwillock. A source also told the podcast that she had joined the local netball team.
At the reunion, Will and Jess confirmed they're together and that Jess had moved straight to the farm and settled into country life.
"From the final decision, we haven't spent a day apart," said Will, before Jess cheekily said it's "nice having Will all to myself" and she's "not sick of him yet".
"Jess is the perfect person for me. She brings a smile to my face. She is one of a kind," the farmer added when host Natalie asked him how his girlfriend makes him feel. "The chemistry is off the charts, we just adore each other."
Jess is now completing her university studies online while living with Will on the farm, and is also on the hunt for a job at a local dental practice.

Are Farmer Ben Scowen And Leish Still Together?

Image courtesy of Channel 7
It was an emotional roller-coaster on finale night for Ben Scowen, as he tossed up between listening to his head or his heart in making his final decision. Ultimately, the dairy farmer from Wingham in NSW decided 31-year-old hospital administrator Leish was the love of his life, leaving 24-year-old beauty therapist Kiani as runner-up.
"This experience has taught me a lot about love — to be in love," he told Leish. "I have an amazing connection with Kiani. But I have the most perfect connection with you. Leish, I've fallen madly in love with you."
At the reunion, we heard about how the couple had fared in a long-distance relationship. Ben had expressed concerns about dating Leish as she planned to continue living in Queensland, but they made it work by Ben making some trips to Brisbane and Leish also spending time on the farm.
One of the biggest challenges for the pair had been Ben breaking the news to Leish that he had kissed Kiani the day before he told Leish he loved her at the grand finale.
"She was obviously upset. It was hard and put her head in a spin," Ben reflected.
Footage was shown of the pair having the conversation on the farm, where Leish told Ben she needed some time to think and was going to pack her bags and go back to Brisbane.
"I'm very hurt. Is it really love if that's what you can just go and do?" she questioned in a piece-to-camera.
Despite this hurdle, the couple confirmed at the reunion that they were still together. Leish had been visiting the farm often, had met Ben's four-year-old daughter, Indie, and said fitting into his life had been "effortless".
"We are very much together and we very much are in love," said an emotional Ben.
Leish had planned to wrap things up in Queensland, and then relocate to Wingham where she'd already put feelers out for potential job opportunities.
However, on Thursday October 6 (two days after the reunion aired), Leish revealed on social media that she and Ben had split and were no longer together.
"I am completely heartbroken to announce that sadly Ben and I have parted ways," she wrote on Instagram stories, explaining she had "tried everything" to make the relationship work including planning to move to the farm.

Are Farmer Harry Lloyd And Tess Still Together?

Image courtesy of Channel 7
Harry Lloyd had a connection with the two women standing at the end, but he ultimately chose 22-year-old Queensland psychology student Tess over 27-year-old insurance claims specialist Bronte.
"I do feel like you tick a lot for a life partner," Farmer Harry told Tess as he professed his love for her at the grand finale.
During the reunion, Harry revealed that he and Tess had been trying a long-distance relationship, and that while he's making compromises now, he hopes she will do the same later down the track.
While it's been a "struggle" not seeing Tess all the time, Harry confirmed that he and Tess are still together.
"I still call her every day," he said, explaining the couple "catch up on the weekends when we can".
Once Tess joined Harry on the couch, he revealed that he was going to move to the Gold Coast for 12 months to be with his girlfriend while she completed university studies. The "gap year" from the farm would hopefully involve "finding a job on a farm up there" in Queensland and seeing "a different style of farming."
"For him to make that decision and really commit to it is huge," said Tess, confirming she would ultimately love to move to Harry's farm in Kyabram in Victoria and start a family there.
Prior to the reunion, the So Dramatic! podcast reported that Harry and Tess are still dating and had been spotted out and about together.
"Tess and Harry have been attending events together as a couple since filming wrapped," an apparent source told the podcast.
The insider also claimed that Tess' mum has given dairy farmer Harry the big tick of approval.
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